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: you are reading the same headlines we are out of the russian defense ministry and from russian sources, first saying they would potentially be some assault on ukrainian forces who were holding out, albeit peacefully at the moment on the crimean peninsula. then we understand no such ultimatum has been issued. really, events down in the crimea which is in the southern part of this huge european country, let's not forget it's the second largest country by land mass in europe, with a 2300 kilometer border with russia. events are very fluid and really, no clear picture coming out. at the moment, we do know this government here in ukraine which is pro-western, is very defiant even though they are saying they are still looking for very diplomatic messages. that's despite the foreign minister of russia today being pretty aggressive, telling western powers not to back this government in ukraine. i spoke to the prime minister yatsenyuk today. i asked what's his message to lavrov and the russians. >> my message is that we will find a political and diplomatic solution despite the fact that russian
the threat or use of force. and that none of their weapons will ever be used against ukraine except in self-defense or otherwise in accordance with the charter of the united nations. that clearly hasn't happened now, even though putin claims he's potential acting to protect the russian populace. >> no, it hasn't, but then again, you know, seen from not just russia, but many ukrainance as well, what happened was not like what happened in egypt with the overthrow of commune im. yanukovych was a repulsive ruler in many ways, but he wasn't elected. a large part of the ukrainian parliament is being chased out of kiev, you know, the representatives of the east and south, the parties which supported yanukovych. so it is highly questionable whether this government in kiev does have any degree of democratic legitimately. that's why, quite rightly, the west has gotten a promise of new elections in may, but of course the question is how one can hold free and fair elections with nationalist militia in control of with you pant of the country and russian soldiers in control of another. >> finally, the west is cl
't you. i do. we did. ch the eye sells. steve. when you read the us. one wall will or will . self defense groups in ukraine's crimea as it relates to a main apple and if he is the country's new authorities which they refuse to recognize per cent in on the pre gay. meanwhile the council at some of ukraine's west this is his right wing radicals were pieced it is on display the change of the government he's a scant six to us at that hour. also this not a war among us buying and the abundance of china condemned as america's human rights record. sony washington's fading to me about this i was stunned. let soften the quote of the year of struggles to deal with all the time has just written remains of houses across the continent. auntie. with a the prayer. i know. he's been like for months says i seem to manage with me he missed out on a bad luck to the park ukraine's in brussels president of the to get a call that she is now in the south of russia and is expected in the next few minutes to get his five news conference since being ousted from power. and i will be bringing anti line neo internati
with russia. discard what has failed, with this feckless policy. i would renew the missile defense program in the czech wouldic and in poland i have some nato exercises with the baltic states. bill thatexpand a targets individuals who are responsible for this. there are other things we can do. the initial signals out of encouraging as far as sanctions are concerned. >> i do know that. do think sanctions that were effective in iran would have the same kind of effect on vladimir putin? try thenk i would target individuals and the bank accounts and the ability to travel. i would try that first. then i would look at others. out of the s.number of other cosmetic whate have to understand this guy is all about. kgb --n old i said, watching russia and watch ukraine. unfortunately, i was correct. >> there enough. -- fair enough. do you have enough leverage to make him feel the repercussions of what you have done so severely that he will change his policy? >> i do not think in the short term that there is anything right now that is draconian enough to make him change. of our policyn towards r
at where the money goes. billion for defense spending. that is what congress have control over's. nondefense, $563 billion. point $9nding is three trillion. 800 $96 billion for social security. 526care eats up about billion dollars. medicaid, 330 6 billion dollars. other mandatory spending comes in at $691 billion. interest on the debt, $252 billion. where the money is race, taxes.ual income 237 billion. other taxes comes to $363 billion. proposal reduces the deficit $564 billion. gail, republican color. -- caller. caller: it is driving the country over the cliff. died over 60 years ago and my mother taught me how to live within my means. this president does not know how to do that. you cannot spend what you do not have. he wants to give money to the -- gals and the you are looking to hurt anyone that does have a little bit. host: tax the rich. that is obama's main theme. where is the job creation atmosphere? is a good it is what we voted for by reelecting barack obama a second time. budget and it has 651 billion dollars in new revenue from the rich via changes to the
minister on tuesday. it's widely believed the current defense minister will run in the upcoming presidential elections. joining me now is david kirkpatrick. he is the cairo bureau chief of the "new york times." he wrote an in-depth investigative report on the ben gauzy attacks when christopher stevens was killed in september 2012. i'm pleased to have david kirkpatrick back at this table. welcome. >> it's good to be here. >> rose: you have been there and watched the arab spring wherever it is now unfold changing a region. >> yes i i was in egypt in time for the revolution there, i was there when khadafy fell. it's been breathtaking. >> rose: where is egypt today. >> it's very hard to know. as you mentioned, field marshall has likely to become the next president. he's the general who ousted egypt's first democratically elected president mohamed morsi of the muslim brother brotherh. he was embraced as a hero and he was promising stability when he ousted president morsi. right now, i think that promise looks very remote. most of the factors that contributed to the original upris
there are russian defense forces. kerry was god smacked. nbc's andrea mitchell told him putin said that. putin says there's an illegitimate government here in kiev. kerry says how can it be illegitimate when the parliament approved this government? putin says there are ant anti-semantic running in kiev. kerry says, i drove through kiev, i walked through kiev, how can that be the case, mr. putin? but let's look at the positive side of things. progress, kerry is going to be speaking to lavrov. nato and the russians will be speaking, as well. it's sluggish, but there is a ministerial level conversation going on. the russians maybe, despite mr. putin's comments about the illegitimatesy of this government, there was some progress there. but the hard proof is there are russian forces or pro russian forces, whatever you want to call it, on ukraine territory. talking about putin's speech yesterday, this is hard lined. it says the confessions of a mad adegreeson with a caricature of mr. putin. a humanitarian mission? and then we have a third bun referring to those shots and pictures of unarmed ukrainian air
, herndon elementary school has not been touched. the effort to dig out, the first-line of defense starts with people like jeff. >> plowing the snow, trying to make it easier to get around. >> this snowplow driver knows that taming the roads is a challenge. >> areas ice underneath the snow. >> he suspects he will be behind the wheel again this winter. >> i don't think it is over yet. i think we will get more. islocale treacherous it outside even at a busy area like tysons, a fairly well traveled road, old courthouse road, covered in snow. underneath that, there is ice. his parking lot is an absolute sheet of ice, something for people to be mindful of in the morning commute tuesday. live in tysons, jay korff, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much, jay. as the weather situation changes, count on us to keep you updated for the rightist -- latest road conditions, school closings. we are starting early tomorrow at 4 a.m. labor trying to leave her house for the hospital. what happened next is terrifying. her story coming up. inif you have to get around d.c. tomorrow, if you are driving or taking met
and on their tvs, those are pro russian local forces of self-defense. president obama appearing at a function had this to say regarding putin's claim. >> there is a strong belief that russia's action is violating international law. i know president putin seems to have a different set of lawyers making a different set of interpretations, but i don't think that's fooling anybody. >> secretary of state john kerry who arrived in kiev also dispute putin's claim when he was asked about it by my colleague, andrea mitchell. >> it's clear that russia has been working hard to create a pretext for being able to invade further. russia has talked about russian-speaking minority citizens under siege. they're not. >> kerry talked about a meeting with the new government and protest leaders including former pro boxer klitchko. the package includes a $1 billion in loan guarantees. still, the question is how to interpret putin's remarks today. not only did he deny russian troops had invaded crimea, he said that should russia wish to do so, they have every legal right since they would be doing it at the request of t
failed with this policy that led us to where we are. i would renew the missile defense program in the czech republic and poland and probably have some nato exercises with particularly the bal baltic sta. obviously expand the magniski bill to target individuals that have to do with this, and the initial signals out of europe, the british and germans aren't encouraging sanctions. >> charlie: i do know that. do you think sanctions that were effective in iran would have the same kind of effect on vladimir putin? >> i think, first, i would try the magniski which targets individuals and their bank accounts and their ability to travel and all that. i would try that first. then, obviously, i would look at other areas. you know, throw them out of the g-8, of course. it should be the g-7. a number of other cosmetic kind of don't send our officials to the paralympics. but we have to understand what this guy is all about. he's an ogd kgb. in 2008, the debate i had with barack obama, i said at that time, watch russia and ukraine and, unfortunately, these many years later, i was correct. >>
of defense, were seen leaving the white house earlier this afternoon. joining me to catch us up is nbc news correspondent kristen welker. >> reporter: thanks for having me. there were high-level meeting at the white house. the national security team met here at the white house to discuss possible policy steps at that they may take in the future. president obama was not at that meeting i am told, but he was briefed by his national security adviser susan rice, as well as the rest of his national security team. as you pointed out, karen, we saw defense secretary chuck hagel leaving the wours early and dni chief james clapper as well as other officials. this comes on a very stern warning yesterday. he said to russia if they were to take military steps in ukraine, that there would be costs associated with that. so the big question is what will those costs be? what are they considering? one white house official telling nbc news that those costs could include a possible boycott of the g-8 summit. that is slated to happen in sochi, russia, the very same place where the olympics were held in june. >
. in this particular case, this technology has been demonstrated back in 2010. the department of defense work bircher --m called walter that was to fly for five --rs at high altar to allow themnd would to have internet in the parts of the world that do not. >> a drone that can provide internet access. we should think of it like a satellite? orbiting satellite that has the ability to maneuver within the band they want to to sell for the conductivity of communication. if you look at africa, those that skipped a generation of cell phones. they never put power lines or hard cable lines in the ground. now they have cell phone coverage. this is the exact same thing they will do with the internet, skip a generation of the internet and now go through low-flying orbital satellites that are called unmanned aircraft systems or drones. would this compare to what google has been focused on? both of the companies are more interested in more people using internet around the globe. >> what google is doing is they were looking at balloons that would fly at the higher altitudes that would allow them to again use it as
of the national defense council. and i spoke to one of the representatives of that council, deputy summer somer about the intentions of the russians. let's just listen in to what she thought. >> we understand that this is main goal of the russian army to -- ukrainian army to have its own country. but just now, we don't have any cases with -- where our on -- >> do you fear that there's going to be an escalation of the conflict area outside of crimea to, perhaps, eastern ukraine, for instance, which has a lot of russian support, we're told? >> so dangerous of escalation is very high. but ukrainian government try to keep the situation and our message for all ukrainian army to give the people. we understand that we are doing everything without armed forces. >> do you consider russian actions so far to be a declaration of war by russians on ukraine? >> yes. we can see the decision of the russian parliament and we can see act on the ukrainian territory in crimea. >> what they're saying here is the actions on the ground that have been a declaration of war. we've had a mobilization of regular forces, a
they declared on their own a unilateral air defense zone over thousands of miles in the pacific. this is a very dangerous precedent that's been setting. iraq was a disaster. this was an even lower precedent for military i7b9 ventionterven. putin has sort of outplayed us over the last decade. now germany gets 40% of its natural gas from russia. he knows that. he thinks the germans won't back sanctions. it is aj ah merkel, the german chancellor, who's saying we should not kick russia out of the g8. it's hurting him economically. it's isolating him. you don't give him the olympic games. you don't allow him in the g8. you hold him accountable. and i agree with steve, you have a strategy to isolate putin. putin is dangerous. putinism is dangerous. this rise rise of authoritarianism is something we need counter patiently, slowly, but consistently over time. >> steve, one of the problems in a situation like this is the ultimate action no one is willing to take. there is no one saying we should be willing to go to war with russia over this incursion. and once you eliminate getting into an actual shooti
has emboldened vladimir putin at this point. you also mentioned the missile defense shield in poland and the czech republic. i want to remind everybody what president obama said when he was caught on an open mike on this issue early in this presidency. we have the words up on the screen. he said after my election i will have more flexibility. and he said okay i'll take your message back to putin. >> you mentioned the first budget he had 10 years ago, that's when he took down poe portland'. we had a missile intercept base going in there. i talked to poland and said are you sure if we go along with this you won't pull the rug out from under us? and he did that in the first budget. all of our interceptors are on the east coast. now we realize iran will have that capability they are predicting by 2015 and a delivery system. so it's a level of danger, martha, that we have never been in before and we need to start rebuilding. it has got to be a wakeup call to the american people that we can't come up with the resources in places where we should. martha: last night bill o'reilly talked abou
is in brussels for a two-day meeting with nato defense chiefs. his goal, to insure that the other allies don't begin a run for the exits in afghanistan. nato's secretary-general issued his own warning. >> if there's no agreement, there will be no nato troops in afghanistan after 2014. >> yesterday's phone call was the first time that president obama had spoken to karzai since last june. >> it's unprecedented in war time for a war-time president not to engage in constant discourse with his principle ally. >> the chairman of theous armed services committee gave a scathing speech this week condemning president obama for remaining disengaged from afghanistan. >> it's incredible that the president has only talked about this war a handful of times. and people don't know what's going on, don't know what we have accomplished, don't know the successes that our troops have had. and i just think that is reprehensible. >> both scales and mckeon suggest the president's silence on afghanistan demonstrates he would actually prefer to leave at the end of the year. despite what his commanders want. general d
all because the department of defense refused to classify the assault as anything but workplace violence. now those soldiers being hit with more bad news. their live expenses are set to skyrocket. sergeant lunsford was shot seven times in that attack, not able to get the benefits he deserves and now this. how does this resonate with you? i'm talking about the proposed budget cuts and what it means to people like you? >> with the budget cuts that are coming down for our current service members, it is very detrimental to them. it's basically showing them they're not worth that much. in terms of war, this is like being a body being expendable, g.i. issue. it is sad because when we join the military they say we're family strong first as far as army component. with everyone else, it kind of makes you wonder is this a choice we really should make and that's a large because we do need to defend our standard of living in our country. >> quickly, 9/11 we had a different enemy than we had on september 10. the only thing we know is we're not ready to fight any battle let alone the one that
. that's really important. >> the thing thing is, it's just coming out the defense is apparently saying that pistorius, quote, sounds like a woman when he is screaming and that perhaps that is who this witness heard, that it was actually oscar pistorius screaming and not riva. >> got love a defense lawyer. i and they'll probably bring in experts, and the prosecution will say that's not what he sounds like. this is tried and front of a judge, not a jury. so they have to be careful of trying to say something that is really going to say to the judge, you're not being fair. i understand what you're doing for your client but you're not being fair. >> look for the judge to look at facts and law. >> that's different. because in america we do things in front of a jury, more emotional, flamboyant. >> not so much the prosecution. here they have to be wary of doing that in front of one judge, who does have two assessors who will help in the decision, but comes down to one judge to decide if it's a conviction, what the penalty would be, 25 mandatory minimum if it's murder. there's no death penalty
of the family of nations and also begin looking at redeploying the missile defense system. >> speaking of deployment, what's going on are -- going on with the russian troops, tphrad me putin ordered military exercises near the ukraine. sounds like he's pulling them back. exercises were scheduled to end any way today. the question is are they amassing to go someplace else? >> we'll keep you updated on secretary kerry's arrival as well. in the meantime, heather, you've got headlines? >> today is day two of the oscar pistorius trial and it's been dramatic. an interruption in the courtroom happening a short while ago -fplgt a prosecutor stopping pistorius's lawyer during cross-examination to announce the witness, his image was being broadcast on live television. this despite a court order that guaranteed privacy for the witnesses who requested it. that witness who was on the understand was pistorius' next door neighbor, the same one who testified yesterday that she heard bloodcurdling screams and gunshots the day of the killing. pistorius shot and killed his girlfriend last day at his vale
out of the loop on some of these decisions. it's not going a defense she is going to use. her plan is to stick with president obama, but it makes it hard for her to charter her own course as she heads out on this campaign. we have seen ian senator john mccain who you know is very supportive of her in the past and joked about her and said she was totally wrong about this. >> julie, this shows the long march to entering the race for hillary clinton, the longer this drags out, the more hits she is going to take. whatever issue of the day comes up, it's a link somehow to hillary clinton. >> absolutely. especially if it's something that happened on foreign policy when she was secretary of state. i mean, that red reset button moment we are going to see played over and over again. i actually am interested to hear from her on what she was thinking at that time and whether she thinks that was the right policy given what we have seen now. >> and gene robinson, there are going to be a lot of issues that she is going to be exposed on if she runs moving forward and a lot of people think she is
of ten s&p sectors up more than 1%. it doesn't matter if you're defensive names or cyclical names, health care, financials, industrials, it doesn't matter. right across the board, 7 to 1 advancing to declining stocks. the only point i would point out, the one thing i would make is look at the ten-year. this is not signaling somehow economic news is better. a lot of the naysayers down here, and there's a few of them left, keep saying watch the bond market. that's the one that's still not moving. guys, a lot of attention focused on that nonfarm payroll report on friday. back to you. >> yes. oh, by the way. thanks very much, bob. it was back to work in washington. president obama's 2015 budget was unveiled. it calls for tax increases on the rich to finance tax cuts for the not so rich, but it has little, if any, chance of passing politically. possibly that's another reason why stocks are higher today, right? >> john harwood joins us with some of the defails on this one. john? >> there are two distinct parts of the president's budget. one part has to do with the budget world as it is under th
pistorius trial. here's a look inside the courtroom in south africa. today the defense is challenging a couple's testimony that they heard screams and gunshots coming from pistorius's home the night he shot his girlfriend. pistorius's next door neighbor broke down on the stand yesterday recalling the screams that she heard. >> the shots [crying] >> at one point pistorius -- you can see him as he puts his hands over his ears appearing to block out his testimony. he has pleaded not guilty. we'll keep watching this case. >>> at this hour officials are preparing for a more extensive investigation into that massive gas explosion that blew apart a condominium complex leaving one woman dead and seven others hurt. this happened in ewing, new jersey, after contractors responded to a power problem, hit a gas line. neighbors say the force from the blast felt like a bomb. >> it kind of blew me back like 10, 15 feet. it was just chaos outside. people were crying, nobody knew what was going on. >> look at that right there. this house is blown to bits. several of those homes were leveled. most of th
. and on foreign policy -- >> now backs the president a thousand%. >> the former defense secretary bob gates scorches biden in the book partly because biden was not about to cede control of foreign policy to bob gates. >> gates is a good guy, but he is republican. >> exactly. >> and biden's policy has been validated this week. we're pulling out of afghanistan because of the conflict. >> he said i want to go any terrorist route not a counter insurgency. i know this is nuanced, but the president ended up going with biden. >> i think he can be a more convincing populist than hillary clinton can, frankly. >> yeah. >> partly because he isn't a guy who has made a lot of money at it. he is a life-long politician. he has taken the train back and forth to wilmington the whole time. he is in it for right reasons and hasn't gotten rich off of politics as the clintons have. let's face it. >> you know what i like about the democratic party besides a lot of beliefs? i like they like to have fights and fun. they don't go whose turn it is and get in line. >> what really impressed me about glenn's terrific s
, but about which pieces of the constitution will apply down at this commission. these are defense lawyers trying to chip away at a death penalty case to say to the judge, if you hide a percentage of the evidence from the accused, if we, the defense lawyers, can't tell the accused some of the secret evidence, how can you then go about and ask for a death penalty? so, this is the pretrial hearings. it's hard. it isn't that kind of sexy murder trials that americans have become accustomed to watching on court tv. >> and carl, i'm not gonna argue with -- of course the families of the victims care, but i do think in terms of the breadth of coverage, the amount of discussion, these are people -- khalid sheikh mohammed, enemy combatants, number one, names familiar to many americans. if you ask i think john q. public where ksm's trial stands in terms of proceedings, i think very few people would be able to answer you on that on that note, the speed or lack thereof with which these men are seeing trial is staggering. the average wait time between a federal court around military commission, 1.5 year
watch it in glimmering lake? yep. here, too. what about the dark castle? you call that defense?! come on! [ female announcer ] watch live tv anywhere. the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. >>> everything is possible. with god. >> this weekend's big debut of "son of god," just one of several big religious films coming out this yea they are coming out as new reports says hollywood's main political group actually giving more money to republicans than democrats. steve, is tinseltown finally turning to the right? >> a little bit but not enough. in this case, the real question why did it take them s long to wake up to the fact that there is a huge audience for family films and religious films? evangelical christian made "amazing grace" several years ago. there has been a huge market. they are fine waking up to it. >> rick? >> i hear the fill silver medal great. secondly, doesn't this just go to prove what i have been saying to you all for a very long time? hollywood has one ideology -- make money. they made the film because they believe that it is going to make money. that'
on how much pressure should be put on russia. >> you could say it is time to put that missile defense shield back in the czech republic. >> too late. >> initial negotiations to make ukraine part of nato as well as other surrounding nations that want to be part of nato and russia saying you're getting too close to our borders, let's be honest. and the president of the united states would have to admit that. even secretary of state john kerry acquiesced to this notion. the mind set of set and reset a relationship has failed. the mind-set of putin, somebody hei] thought he for every day they stay in the crimea, add to their suspension. do something. >> and flood ukraine with economic aid and start pulling them away from russian natural gas and let you start selling our natural gatt at a price in which they can deal with that helps that economy stand on its own. >> one of the problems is if europe were to try to extract some pain from mr. putin, all those pipelines run across the ukraine -- i think there are about 10 or 11 of them, all putin would have to do is turn off the seven that go
't matter whether you are a cyclical name, whether you are a defensive name, all the major groups are up, industrials, health care, consumer staples are up along with consumer discretionary. we've got very unusual volume movers. epam is paced in pennsylvania. they sell software and tech systems in eastern europe and the ukraine, so they were down big yesterday but, look, they're up 17% today, just sort of rocketed back. i want to walk you over here, come here. they got a competitor, luxsoft and i'm behind post nine. take a look, up almost 20% right now. they do outsourcing of i.t. services, they compete against epam, most of the engineers are based in the a ukraine even though the company is headquartered in sitland, it was down yesterday, look at it, they are up 20% today. they had a conference call that say it may be beneficial because it may lower labor costs in the ukraine, so they do outsourcing of i.t. services and lower labor costs mean better prices for its customers and ubs some of the big financial firms over there. you can see this whole thing has gotten very interesting finan
it. the defense budget proposes the fewest, the smallest u.s. army since before world war ii and looks like they want to rely more on machines like unmanned aerial drones. funds new cyberprograms, other ships, here's a look at some defense stocks. most of them green arrows going up. this budget also looks good for google, getting into robots. another new high today, google is at 1226. rellx netflix fans, the deal with comcast probably will not jack up the price you pay for streaming but what about netflix? what does it mean for the future of streaming? streaming video? liz: there's a lot of miss reporting and misunderstanding about netflix. the problem with netflix is content. they are saying we won't pay third parties to helped deliver content, we are going to bypass, get rid of third parties and pay for at&t or verizon directly, basically to pick up their content. the problem again is for netflix paying for that content acquiring that content, $3 billion last year, only $1 billion on the balance sheet in cash and the equivalent. stuart: a new report out on the quality backi
getting the best of him. his attorney said police co-horsed carl and the judge denied the defense notion to suppress and the trial was set for november 6th, 2013. all these years, mike carlson had misgivings about carl's behavior but after watching the interrogation video, his worst fear was cemented, his own brother was a killer and now, he had a new fear. >> as the trial approached, did you think that the evidence was overwhelming and that it was pretty clear carl was going to go away? >> i was probably more scared as the trial approached that it wasn't a slam dunk. >> coming up, a surprise inside and outside the courtroom. >> we've been waiting just about 24 years now for some closure. >> now, a haunting new question. had carl carlson killed before? >> telling me about the fire with your first wife. >>> in the winter of 2012 as the seneca county district attorney was preparing to prosecute carl carlson for the murder of his son levi, new york investigators had become deeply interested in the long ago california fire that killed levi's mother christina. they were suspicious about carls
and a russian defense official is discussing ukraine with nato members in brussels as well. so, in this swirl of diplomacy russia's and the west's end games are beginning to emerge. washington and berlin are pushing a plan that would include international observers to replace the russian or pro-russian forces in crimea direct talks between moscow and kiev and new elections in may. now, the russians on the other hand, want to see a return of the ousted ukrainian leader victor yanukovych, he would head a national unity government and new elections in december. so, there's a gulf between these two sides. clearly. and that will be whittled down perhaps over the next number of days, but at least, carl they are talking again. and, by the way, if that doesn't work, don't expect to see russian forces pulling back in crimea anytime soon that could become the new norm. back to you, carl. >> one question, you know, you talk about the presence of the pro-russian forces. is it the sense where you are that putin blinked as "usa today" puts it today or that he simply quit while he was
, allegedly unlawfully leaking national defense information about north korea to me and then allegedly b, that individual earlier this month, entered a guilty plea and awaiting sentencing and probably stands to serve 8 to 13 months in prison. >> all right. for leaking? >> i have never, on this program or any place else spoken about whether this individual was a source of mine or not. and i am not doing that here. i am now assured that i will not be prosecuted in connection with the case. get you on here and be a martyr, you can have rallies, free rosen. >> i'm touched by your concern. i'm touched it, bill. >> carl cameron, everyone. is he following the democratic rivalries for president. and i understand that governor of maryland martin o'malley is going to run against hillary, who else is in the game. >> clinton has been really busy the last couple of days and rest of the week. some of her potential rivals looking pretty restless. george down university and tonight the university of miami. tomorrow the former pro-obama super pac u.s.a. is going to hold first official gathering in new yo
responsible for overturning the defense of marriage act speaking out for the first time on news outs of texas. >>> plus, an exclusive with the controversial milely cyrus, does the pop star exploit little people? first our headlines. >>> all of this stuff will come out over the appropriate period of time. >> eight out of ten democrats wants hillary clinton to run for president in 2016. >> i'm not going to give into the hysteria of questions. >> the same poll shows 10 out of 10 democrats to run against her. >> with a stroke of the pen, jan brewer stopped short. >> it is properly worded and result in unintended and negative consequences. >> i didn't come here to make friends. >> the tea party movement is an intellectual movement. >> i came to save this republic -- >> overknight armed men seized control of two government buildings as putin announces he's sending troops near ukraine's border. >> there's talk that ukraine could be split into two separate countries which explains the new name. two cranes. >> we begin today breaking news where eric holder is now hospitalized. he was taken to the hosp
and prosecutorial stories that continue to appear in the press. so -- >> not playing defense and circling the west. they're not -- >> they're good guys and working hard, but they're human beings, too. and this is the distraction. and the snowden events and they've got to focus, they've got to focus on the mission. >> is the nsa now, i mean, obviously, there are going there be some changes coming forth. they will be doing a little bit less or doing things differently. are they logging fewer calls and are they already because of the snowden situation getting less information and having less of a chance to intercept the next, i'm not just talking about putin here, obviously. but i'm talking about a terrorist event. >> look, collecting intelligence is actually a servant of policy. and policy makers want information but they also want you to require the information in a way that doesn't create greater risk, political diplomatic risk for them. erin, as you suggest, it's veclr that nsa policy masters have pulled them back. they're less aggressive than they have been in the past. now, this is not that exc
regulatory overreach, they want to rebuild our nation's defenses, they want to be worried about entitlement reform and immigration reform. what dave camp did is introduce a giant side show that outrages much of the base and advantage of being a talk show host as you know sue hear from people and the phones lit up. people are angry that dave camp wants to raise their taxes and give them nothing in return. >> steve forbes, hewitt is seeing this as a tax hike. there are some tax hikes in here. i don't see it as a tax hike. maybe more broadly the republican party has to have a pro growth message and i think the tax reform message can work. this may not be perfect but where do you come out on this. >> i think putting tax reform on the table is good. i have some questions about what dave camp has done, that 35% bracket and raising the taxes on capital gains and dividends. by raising the standard deduction 95% of the people won't have to file a complicated return. corporate tax rate gets cut from 35 to 25. that's good. there's good elements. i see it as a building block ultimately to a flat tax b
.and the defense reportedly plans to argue that the screams were his own. >> jacqueline: we have seen the rainfall totals pick up. the bay bridge is largely seen light rain. light rain over the san mateo bridge. we have seen areas with more moderate rainfall. moving through this evening. we will see grant picked up for the next couple of hours. a lot of moisture available wearing mostly this evening and into tomorrow morning. wang fang headline is that that is the forecast. lane under an inch so this is impacting my commute hour commute. the zsa cast model shows a lot of rain to the north. as to look into the 9:00 hour rain continuing push more into the east bay and down the south bay as well. more showers with below to the north. nothing widespread a little more light. a few lingering showers into the later hours in late afternoon. even clear skies through the evening. highest elevation scenes now. lake level temperatures in the afternoon with fifties and offer my '30's and '40's. to want to see any snow and the lower elevation. here is a look at the extended forecast with spot he showers. dry co
subcommittee on defense. they're here today to talk about the extendable launch vehicle program known as eelv. the program valued at $70 billion is a federal government answer to reducing the cost of military satellite space launches. xe contractors like space have yet to snag one of these launches because it does not have certification to do so. right now, united launch is the only rocket maker with that approval, which means they have held the monopoly for years. it in december, they were awarded another commitment for 35 more launches over the next five years. the monopoly should be coming to an end. the pentagon is putting up 14 more missions for grabs for new to enterlike space x that market. elon musk is going to make the case that space x is up to the job. >> it seems like elon musk as the underdog here. >> he definitely is. he will make the point that the federald save government $1 billion a year if it were to go with space x and he has had a couple of good weeks. first, the air force announced last week that its falcon nine launch back in september would count as one of the three ne
himself from all deliberations on the transaction, including all discussions, negotiations, and defenses. ebay and its shareholders benefitted from the divestiture of skype in a sale to microsoft. they kept 30% of it so there was upside there and he points out that marc was elected to the board in 2012 with 99.7% approval. i don't think that means much. >> no. >> when you don't have a challenge. and he also goes on to say that the claims about scott cook are also unfounded. as the founder of intuit, he says scott has an exceptional track record of creating value and has enormous assets and the overlap between intuit and ebay is very small between both companies. regarding hiring, any restrictions ended years ago. >> i am trying to think are there situations where a guy is brilliant on the board where you overlook some of this stuff? is it possible? is it possible that you want andreessen on your board and that carl icahn addresses your public comment to have him come on, could you overlook this? or you can never do it? >> if you were advising carl would you argue to attack andreessen, sk
knowledge about when to cross, where to cross, how to cross, being defensive when you cross. it's good life skiles. that's what we're -- skills. that's what we're about, teaching life skills. >> reporter: we're reported on many pedestrian accidents and fatalities. many in your district. how will the program reduce the numbers? >> i think this a small piece of the puzzle. i'm starting to bring consciousness in the very young. not only will these crossing guards be influenced but the other students will see them and start to think why are they here? maybe i should be careful when i cross and drivers combined will think why are they here? it has a cascading effect for me and also my feeling is that if you start them young, their consciousness about pedestrian safety will stick with them forever. >> reporter: you want to expand this to other schools. what are we looking at in terms of the district and the city? >> i was hoping to have several pilot programs in district 7, my district. and there are two other schools lined up to get started and then the idea would be if it's successful -- and i
of sexual assaults in the military. the department of defense estimates the 26,000 servicemen and women were sexually assaulted in 2012. in previous hearings, witnesses described a culture in the military that discourages victims of sexual assault from reporting it. >>> a new army study is giving women a taste of combat. the chief of staff says this will put to rest any doubts about women serving in combat. the study is being down at fort stewart in south georgia. it replaces pushups with physical tasks performed on the job. that includes carrying a wounded solar to safety or lifting a 65-pound missile. scientists will measure heart rates and oxygen to determine who is fit enough for the front lines. >>> while it's a rainy day for us here in the bay area, it's expected to be 78 degrees in scottsdale, arizona today. that's where the giants and the as will open spring training exhibition games against each other. yesterday, bruce bochy named madison bum gardner the starter. bob melvin still has not named his starter. but the pitching schedule would put jarrett parker in line to pitch opening d
seized government buildings overnight. both secretary of defense and secretary of state with words of warning to russia today. front-page editor of "business insider" here with us. michael, how should investors be thinking about this? >> they should be watching it very closely. ukraine is hemorrhaging money. the prime minister today said they only have $400,000 in their treasury. they have $15 billion left in foreign reserves. so they need some help. >> what's the next flash point? >> well, you definitely have to watch what's going on in crimea. the russian war games will be going on from friday to monday. the fact that there are russian flags over the regional capital and the parliament building in crimea is troublesome. then this government that was approved today, what they're going to do moving forward to get the balance sheet of the country settled. >> finally, michael, can you get a sense of a correlation between the events in ukraine as they played out today and what was happening in the market? >> i don't think i can say how it affected it, but i can say that the next coupl
to afghanistan after that proposed attack to help train taliban fighters. defense lawyers argue llaneza suffers from mental illness. >>> we have new information about one of the men who pled guilty to beating bryan stow. a judge ordered marvin norwood to remain in custody on an unrelated weapons case until his trial begins. the judge called him a flight risk and danger to society. last week, he was sentenced to four years in prison for beating stow outside of dodger stadium in 2011. his codefendant, louie sanchez, has five years left in his eight-year sentence. >>> brian stow was among those attending the memorial in santa cruz honoring two fallen police officers. stow was a paramedic from the santa cruz area. and he was among the large crowd that came out in a rain storm to honor butch baker and detective elizabeth butler. exactly one year after they were killed in the line of duty. colleagues of the fallen officers say they are touched by the large turnout. >> i really feel like the community is saying we're still here with you. we're in this together and we won't forget the sacrifices of the
.s. defense secretary hagel warned russia to respect ukraine's sovereignty and avoid provocative action. russia denied involvement in the airport seizures. this situation continues to be ugly and confusing. >>> men's apparel retailer jos. a. banks says it's talking to talk about a higher bid. that's the first time any of these folks said they wanted to talk to each other at all. men's warehouse raising from 57.50 earlier this week and added it would consider increasing that offer to $65 if it was allowed to conduct limited due diligence. hanging in the balance of all of this is eddie bauer which was maybe being played like a fiddle in trying to bring both of these guys back to the table. we always knew they wanted to do a deal of some sort. >> this merger makes sense. >> i would argue this makes more sense. >> these two companies should get together. if you're in your car you won't let them drive past the street where either one of these are located, right? you wouldn't wear a men's warehouse sock. there's no way. >> you know what i think i'm going to do next week? i'm going to dress he
security and defense. >>> 7:57. well, b.a.r.t.'s board president is not getting much support yet in his fight to urge state lawmakers to ban future transit strikes. president joel keller introduced the advisory measure during the board meeting last night in response to two strikes last year. but several bart directors, labor leaders and workers strongly oppose the ballot measure. they say banning strikes could only increase the often hostile relationship between b.a.r.t. and its unions. the board must act by june if that measure will be on the november ballot. >>> delays on the roads, rails and the skies, all thanks to the rain and wind. urban and small stream flood advisories. our stormwatch team continues. >> reporter: we're live at the west oakland b.a.r.t. station where riders are unhappy after some systemwide delays. we'll tell what you is causing the glitch. >>> we're still looking at extended drive times all over the bay area because of the wet roads, including here in oakland. we'll tell you where the slowest traffic is. >>> some areas are calming down a little bit. might be a f
to hearing screams and gunshots. yesterday, his wife testified to hearing the same thing. defense attorneys say the couple discussed what they were going to say in court and that their testimony is not credible. pistorius is accused of killing his girlfriend. he said she thought she was an intruder. >>> the u.s. navy's newest ship is paying tribute to the men and women who lost their lives on flight 3 on 9/11. it will be fully commissioned on saturday in philadelphia. it carries a sign that says let's roll. that phrase was used by the brave passengers as they stormed the cockpit to stop the hijackers who had taken over flight 93. that plane did crash into a field in somerset county, pennsylvania which is how the navy ship was given its name now, one of the passengers on flight 93 was mark bingham from los gatos. a new documentary called the rugby player chronicles his life and career. it will be shown in san jose tomorrow and saturday. it's part of the film festival. that film festival runs for the sex two -- next two weeks. >>> a san jose world war ii vet has become an internet sensation.
we had a much larger defense budget, we couldn't do anything to stop russia when it invaded georgia, so i don't think there's much in terms of that. we did have, like you mentioned, the $40 million of trade with s russia and they want more. even last december they were trying to negotiate to have not quite a free trade deal but a much bigger economic tie to the united states. so if we cut off those talks, if we try to as far as we can within the wto lower our trade with russia, that would send a pressey strong message. >> how far are we going to go? will we turn russia into an international pariah? what really are these harsh measures? i don't think that, oh, not going to sochi g-8, no one wants to go there anyway. >> we've been there. we've seen the hotels. >> you mentioned possibly taking away visas from the parliament. that is an option on the table. putting a travel ban on putin traveling outside of russia if the u.s. really wants to send a strong message -- >> which would be great. >> round up our allies to do the same thing, that would be amazing. >> there are some reasons may
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